New to Pidgin, need help with Yahoo & MySpace

Mark Doliner mark at
Mon Dec 17 04:05:17 EST 2007

On Sun, 16 Dec 2007 20:03:19 -0800 (PST), qbit wrote
> I just downdoalded Pidgin 2.3.1 after a friened told me about it.  I 
> got MSN Messenger and Google Talk to work ok, all the buddies showed 
> up.  But....
> 1)  When I add Yahoo, it will connect but none of my buddies show up 
> and I have the 'show offline' selected.

I don't know why that would happen... you could try opening the debug window
(Help->Debug Window) and trying to sign on and either looking through the
output for errors or maybe pasting it here (after removing any information you
don't want other people to see).

> 2)  I'm trying to add MySpace Im, I put in the screen name and the 
> (correct) password, but Pidgin keeps saying my password is 
> incorrect.  I've typed in the password several times very slowly and 
> recieve the same error.  I have downloaded the standalone IM for 
> MySpace if that matters.

The "screen name" here is actually supposed to be your email address that you
use to log in at


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