yahoo ID on Pidgin, add Windows Live Messenger

kwalityprinting at kwalityprinting at
Mon Dec 17 15:00:09 EST 2007

I have a yahoo ID on Pidgin.
I can see all my yahoo chat buddies.

I understand that I can add Windows Live contact to my yahoo ID buddy

So I asked my friend to add my yahoo ID in his Windows Live Messenger.
He did.
Immediately, Pidgin is asking me to Authorize this ID.
I did.

But then Pidgin says his ID is not on the server list.
Pidgin shows his ID as offline.
So I right-click on his ID and do "Add Buddy".
I get "an error occured".
I exited Pidgin.  Shutdown the PC.  Came back after 2 hours.
I can still see his ID as offline and not on server list.  (But he is
I exit Pidgin.

Then I log into
I don't see him there either.
I add him there as my Windows Live contact
Still I don't see him online.

So I pick up the phone and tell my friend to send me a test chat
He does but he gets a "message undeliverable".

What am I doing wrong?


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