SPAM problem after using this list

freecycle_tenbob at freecycle_tenbob at
Thu Dec 20 21:47:16 EST 2007

It may just be a coincidence but ...

I posted a question to this list a few days ago using a special email 
address I rarely use for much else. The following day I started to get 
spam in my inbox and the amount is growing each day.

I suspect someone is using the list to collect addresses and spam them.

Why doesn't Pidgin support move to a better platform. Mailing lists 
seem terribly old fashioned nowadays.

A simple bulletin board would have lots of advantages -
- Users don't have to expose their email addresses.
- Questions and answers are kept together in sequence, rather than 
spread across multiple email messages.
- Messages are archived on the board so you can search for previous 
- it looks nicer - better graphics, colours, fonts, links, etc.
- Proprietary BB software is readily available and often free.

It sounds great. Can we do it ?

By the way - none of this detracts from the valuable advice I received 
from helpful people on the list.

Regards, Bob

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