Where did my buddy go

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Tue Dec 18 21:16:42 EST 2007

Hi Daniel

Thanks for the additional info. I've been banging my head against the 
wall for the past few days wondering what I was doing wrong.

For newer users like me, could you please put a bit more information 
into the FAQ to explain the following ...

Why would you want to group several buddies into one contact? (Answer: 
They are for different services (eg MSN, AIM) used by the same person).

What does the term "Contact" actually mean and why is it different 
from "Buddy"? (Answer: As above (sort of). Although it is odd that the 
term "Buddy" no longer refers to a person, but actually refers to a 

When you drag and drop a buddy, why does it sometimes move nicely to a 
new group and other times become embedded inside an existing buddy 
where you can't see it? (Answer: It depends on the exact positioning 
of the cursor when you drop it. If you see a line, the buddy will be 
dropped between two existing entries. If you see a square box around 
an entry, then the buddy you are dropping will become part of that 
entry. This is quite tricky to see because the box you are dragging 
often completely obscures the destination.)

Thanks to Billy I now understand this a lot better. Others may still 
be in the dark !

A small feature request. The procedure to expand and collapse a 
contact is inconsistent. To collapse there is a little minus button 
displayed. To expand you have to right click and select expand from 
the menu. Ideally there should be a plus button displayed like the 
minus button.

Thanks for your help.


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This was actually a Pidgin bug.

The release notes don't contain information about bug fix.


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