SSL cert, and an "Announce" mailinglist

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Thu Dec 20 01:59:13 EST 2007

Ken Dreyer wrote:
> Also, have you considered having a low volume "Announce" mailinglist?
> The list would be for announcing new releases only. Several projects
> do this, like Wireshark, or Xfce... I'm sure the Windows users in
> particular would find it useful since we don't have central
> repositories to check :)
> - Ken

Sourceforge, where we host our downloads, already provides this feature,
although it appears it does require an account at Sourceforge.  This may make
the feature less desirable for a sizable chunk of our users.

If you go to and look
at the section which shows "Latest File Releases", you will see both GTK+ for
Windows and Pidgin listed here with several pieces of information, including an
icon that when clicked allows you to "monitor" the packages and be notified when
new versions are released.


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