SSL cert, and an "Announce" mailinglist

Mark Doliner mark at
Thu Dec 20 02:20:12 EST 2007

On Thu, 20 Dec 2007 01:59:13 -0500, John Bailey wrote
> Ken Dreyer wrote:
> > Also, have you considered having a low volume "Announce" mailinglist?
> > The list would be for announcing new releases only. Several projects
> > do this, like Wireshark, or Xfce... I'm sure the Windows users in
> > particular would find it useful since we don't have central
> > repositories to check :)
> > 
> > - Ken
> Sourceforge, where we host our downloads, already provides this 
> feature, although it appears it does require an account at 
> Sourceforge.  This may make the feature less desirable for a sizable 
> chunk of our users.
> If you go to 
> and look 
> at the section which shows "Latest File Releases", you will see both 
> GTK+ for Windows and Pidgin listed here with several pieces of 
> information, including an icon that when clicked allows you to 
> "monitor" the packages and be notified when new versions are released.
> John

Or even better, just enable the "Release Notification" plugin using the
Tools->Plugins dialog.


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