DCOP support

Dean dean at deanandadie.net
Tue Nov 13 03:11:37 EST 2007

Casey Harkins wrote:
> Dean wrote:
>> Hello support,
>> I am running Pidgin 2.2.1 on gentoo 2.6.22 and KDE 3.5.  Does Pidgin 
>> support DCOP?  If it does, how can I build that into it?
> Pidgin does not support DCOP. Pidgin does support DBUS, which I believe 
> has replaced DCOP in KDE4.
> If someone really wanted to, they could probably create a plugin for 
> pidgin to expose API via DCOP, but I doubt it is worth the effort if 
> DCOP is on its way out.
> -casey

Thanks for the pointer.  I will use DBus instead.

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