pidgin-2.2.2 pixmaps fail to load

Jeff Ivany jeff+pidgin at
Wed Nov 14 22:18:29 EST 2007

On 11/14/07, Stu Tomlinson <stu at> wrote:
> Your GTK/GDK installation is broken. I assume from the fact that you are
> installing to $HOME/local you are not the administrator of this box, so
> you need to get your administrator to fix this.
> It's also possible that you tried to cheat the system by using some
> GTK/GDK headers that didn't match your installed system to get Pidgin to
> compile. If this is the case - don't try that, it doesn't work.

Crud. No, I'm not the admin of this box, just a user.  I didn't try anything
special - just ran the configure script as mentioned before.  It's odd that
GTK/GDK would be broken as I have no issue with any of the GUI apps
installed on my box.  Guess I'll have to see what I can find out.

Thanks anyways,

Jeff Ivany
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