Buddy Combination

Victor Tardiff vtardiff at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 22:22:31 EST 2007


I looked through the FAQ and couldn't find any way to do this. And if
there's not a method for doing it, perhaps you would consider it for
the next release of Pidgin. I have a few friends who can be reached on
multiple im clients. I have two Beccas, Joes, and Dans on my buddy
list, and three Meagans who are the same people, just on different
clients. I was wondering if there was any way to combine them under
one name what would appear online if any client is active. If there is
a way to do this, I would greatly appreciate it if you emailed me back
describing the process. If there isn't a way of doing this, would you
consider having it as an option for a future release?


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