Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Fri Aug 1 03:20:52 EDT 2008


robert mcquirt schrieb:
> [...] they need to push their personal preferences aside,
> because they are producing a product for the market, not themselves.
And that's where you got it wrong!

They do indeed produce a product for themselves and only for themselves 
but they are kind enough to share it with others, who may have the same 
requirements as they do (for free!).

If you happen to be someone with different requirements you need to 
search for another product. It's just like with cars. There are Volvos 
and there are Ferraris. Only because /you/ want a Ferrari, Volvos can be 
fine cars as well (for someone with different priorities/requirements).


PS: I don't want to compare Pidgin with a Volvo, nor did I want to 
dismiss Volvos in general, so please bear with me :)

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