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2008/7/31 Ally Blanco <Ally.Blanco at>

>  Hi,
> I'm curious as to whether there is anything in the works for modifying the
> account status based on each account rather than as a whole. Currently I can
> set myself to be invisible among other statuses but I want to be able to
> specify which account I choose to be available, away, invisible, etc. If you
> haven't had this suggestion before, then I have one for you. J
> My suggestion would be to add an additional arrow to 'Change Status' with a
> complete list of 'Accounts', and then after making a choice of account,
> choosing the status. This way each account can maintain its own status
> without being available or unavailable to everyone especially if you have
> several accounts.
> Thanks
> *Ally *
Pidgin has had the ability to create complex saved statuses for quite a
while.  I can't seem to find a decent wiki article at the moment, but try
the following:

- On the Pidgin buddy list window, click the button at the bottom that says
your current status, and hit "New Status..." This dialog will automatically
default to your current status, if for instance, you want to just change one
account to away, and leave the others alone.
- Expand the "Use a different status for some accounts" text, if it isn't
- Click on an account and set it to whatever status you desire.
- Repeat above step as many times as is desired.
- Click "Use" or "Save and Use" to make it happen.

If you give text in the "Title" box at the top, such as "Aim sleeping, msn
invisible, yahoo offline", Pidgin will display that title in the status box,
should you wish to reuse this saved status later or set Pidgin to start up
to that saved status every time you launch it.

The FAQ entry at [1] might explain in more detail how it all works.


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