Pidgin is a nightmare to communicate on MSN protocol

polytan polytan at
Fri Aug 15 15:55:20 EDT 2008

Hi guys,

I am using pidgin (and gaim) for a long long time now. I love it.
BUT, I am a bit upset these months.

Actually, when I try yo speak on MSN, a lot of my messages are not sent.
They came back with this message :" Impossible d'envoyer le message à cause
d'une erreur du serveur standardiste :", that mean "Can't send the message
because of an erreur in the distant server" (or something like that).

Where is the trouble ? It is really annoying, I have to tape my messages
again (when I am lucky) or to restart pidgin, praying and hoping it will

As the MSN protocol changed ? It happends for a quite long time, maybe
months. Now, it is like that nearly all the time, a real nightmare.

Can I help to solve the problem ?

I am on gentoo with pidgin 2.4.3.

Am I alone with this problem ? Is that known ?

Please, do something :(

With a lot of tenderness,


-=( Polytan )=-
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