Pidgin is a nightmare to communicate on MSN protocol

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Sat Aug 16 11:51:04 EDT 2008


polytan schrieb:
> Actually, when I try yo speak on MSN, a lot of my messages are not sent. 
> They came back with this message :" Impossible d'envoyer le message à 
> cause d'une erreur du serveur standardiste :", that mean "Can't send the 
> message because of an erreur in the distant server" (or something like 
> that).
> Where is the trouble ? It is really annoying, I have to tape my messages 
> again (when I am lucky) or to restart pidgin, praying and hoping it will 
> work.
I usually only experience such issues, when my network-connection is 
unstable (thus, fequent disconnects/reconnects) happen. With each 
reconnect you need to relogin for MSN to work.

So in general MSN works just fine, as long as you have a constant 
internet connection.


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