Receiving Special Characters in Pidgin

Philip Hannent phil at
Sun Aug 17 07:11:34 EDT 2008

Susi W wrote:
> I downloaded Pidgin a few days ago, and have been extremely pleased.
> I've only encountered one problem:  when someone sends me a message
> with a special character, random errors will occur.  A friend sent me
> a message with the Euro sign €, followed of course by a number amount.
>  When I received the text, the Euro sign and everything following it
> were simply truncated.  He also sent me an o with a strike through it
> ø, which appeared instead as an X (but did not truncate any of the
> message).
> I have already read about the different required method for typing
> special characters into Pidgin, though I have been using the character
> map, which works just fine.  I tried copying both of these characters
> into my own text window, and sending them to a friend, and they both
> displayed in my typing window and on his screen with no problem.  We
> only encountered the problems when I was trying to receive these
> characters in a message.
Could you provide us with the operating system you are using along with
the version of pidgin?

Phil Hannent

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