Chat with more than one buddie

Phil Hannent phil at
Mon Aug 18 06:41:55 EDT 2008

vmaster.mail at wrote:
> If I'm talking to a buddy say on Yahoo or MSN and want to add another 
> buddy into the conversation how do I do this?
> I can get invited into chats with other people, it opens a room, but how 
> do i initiate one myself? I can 'invit someone 2 chat
> but no obvious way to invite anyone else in?
I could be wrong on this because I cannot find a bug report.  However I have 
some recollection from years ago that if you are in a one to one conversation 
with someone it cannot be converted to a "Chat".  If you initiate a "Chat" with 
someone you can add others via the "Conversation" menu then "Invite".

Phil Hannent

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