Is there any way of blocking unknown contacts?

Evan Platt evan at
Tue Aug 19 12:17:59 EDT 2008

Step666 wrote:
> I use Pidgin on XP x64, connecting up to MSN/Windows Live/whatever it calls
> itself nowadays and also to G-Mail Chat.
> However, recently, I've been getting a lot of spam through the MSN address,
> people I don't know and who aren't on my contact list sending me messages
> saying they can't upload their pictures, so can I please click on this link
> to view them.
> You know, standard sort of spam like that.
> Anyway, what I was wondering was if there was any way of blocking incoming
> messages from unknown contacts? I've searched Google, Pidgin's own site and
> this place but can't obviously find an answer.
> I think there was back when I used Messenger Plus but since MSN isn't
> supported on XP x64, that just isn't an option. Not to mention I like being
> able to combine the two protocols and the spell-checker is invaluable.
> So, yeah, is anyone can help, I'd be extremely grateful.
Tools, Privacy, select MSN, and choose Allow only the users on my buddy 

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