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    I'm Thai too and using Pidgin for a while, but rarely have the same 
problem as yours. Sometimes some of my friend send me Thai words and it 
turn out to be utf-8 garbage. But that occurred rarely to me. Note that, 
I'm using Tahoma as the font. I've tried Angsana and Phaisarn and it 
works the same way too. Also, all my locale setting 
(place/country/regional settings) is all Thai. That might be the 
problem. Note that right now I'm using Vista ultimate. But I've been 
using Pidgin on WindowsXP for a long time.

    Note that, once I notify my friend that I can't read the text, the 
usually change font or something and problems goes away. I think this 
problem depends on client too.

    BTW, I think "how are you" should be "สบายดีหรือเปล่า"

Patrick Kollitsch wrote:
> Hello,
> I searched in the FAQ on but it seems as if my "problems"
> never occured somewhere else.
> I am living in Thailand and use Pidgin to "cover" all used IM
> protocols here. Most of my Thai friends are using MSN. When they send
> sentences in Thai to me, I get only garbage displayed (looks like a
> square with the utf8-code for the Thai sign).
> I myself am able to send Thai letters and they show up in the input
> box and the logs above.
> The font I am using is Verdana, which contains Thai letters (I guess
> thats proved by sending thai from my side out).
> Where do I have to search for clues about this problem? Is it Pidgin
> or GTK? I also did not find any place for settings of encoding. A
> simple UTF8 should do it, right?
> Thanks for any help.
> By the way, these are Thai letters (meaning how are you):
> สบายดีไม่ หิวข้าวไม่
> Thanks
> Patrick
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