Thai encoding in Pidgin

Patrick Kollitsch pkollitsch at
Wed Aug 20 02:52:41 EDT 2008


I searched in the FAQ on but it seems as if my "problems"
never occured somewhere else.

I am living in Thailand and use Pidgin to "cover" all used IM
protocols here. Most of my Thai friends are using MSN. When they send
sentences in Thai to me, I get only garbage displayed (looks like a
square with the utf8-code for the Thai sign).

I myself am able to send Thai letters and they show up in the input
box and the logs above.

The font I am using is Verdana, which contains Thai letters (I guess
thats proved by sending thai from my side out).

Where do I have to search for clues about this problem? Is it Pidgin
or GTK? I also did not find any place for settings of encoding. A
simple UTF8 should do it, right?

Thanks for any help.

By the way, these are Thai letters (meaning how are you):

สบายดีไม่ หิวข้าวไม่


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