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Subject: Bug in win-Pidgin !

Hi, I'm French and I don't speak a very well English, but I have a bug into
my Pidgin on windows vista.
I try to describe it as well to you with a dialogue :p

(*connected*) Girlfriend.

Girlfriend : Hello Dany, how are you?
Dany (me) : Fine thx, and you?
G : i'm very fine, but I have to eat, I come back later.
D okey, see you, I love you.
G : I love you too ;)

under linux, in Pidgin for Linux, my girlfriend was been deconnected.
I go to my list of contact into my windows vista and it show me that my
girlfiend is online.

I don't understand why with Pidgin 2.5 my deconnected contacts are still
I had installed Pidgin 2.4 and it's perfect.

Sorry for my english, I hope you have understand.
please, answer me.


P.S :and if you have time, correct my mail, and send me the correction :p

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