Uniqueness for XMPP user names?

Philip Hannent phil at hannent.co.uk
Sun Aug 31 03:15:55 EDT 2008

Wiley Q. Hacker wrote:
> Now, my company wants to migrate to a new, experimental server, again
> using XMPP.  The problem is, not everyone will be migrated to this new
> server. Some buddies will remain on the old one, and we'll have accounts
> on both servers. The user name and domain name will be the same on both
> servers, however. So, I'll be wiley.q.hacker at mycompany.com on both servers.
> In Pidgin 2.3.1, I was able to create two accounts, both with the same
> user name, domain and resource, differing only in the server I connected
> to. For later releases, there seems to be some change in this behavior.
> For Pidgin 2.5.0, I am told that the account already exists.
> Is there a way for me to be create both accounts in Pidgin?
Sorry no.

Phil Hannent

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