Configure script won't detect panel.h

Jon jonforthewin at
Thu Jan 10 17:43:11 EST 2008

I'm attempting to build Finch from the Pidgin 2.3.1 tarball with OpenBSD
4.2 i386 using:

MSGFMT=/`which msgfmt` ./configure --disable-gtkui --disable-gstreamer
--disable-perl --prefix=$HOME/local/ --enable-gnutl
s=yes --enable-consoleui -with-x=no
-with-gnutls-libs=/usr/local/lib/ --with-ncurses-headers=/usr/include/

and configure fails to detect the libpanel header file.
libpanel _is_ installed and update_panels is referred to by

How can I get around this?
Has configure been updated to fix this bug?

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