HTTP proxy without authentification

Jan Kotuc jkotuc at
Tue Jan 15 02:59:39 EST 2008

Hi y'all,

at work I have to route all network traffic through a HTTP proxy. Just
a hostname and port. No name and password required. IE, Firefox,
Opera, QIP, etc have no problems with it. Unfortunately Pidgin does.
It provides 4 fields to specify proxy settings: host, port, name,
password. Simply leaving name and password blank won't help. Pidgin
apparently treats those fields as empty strings and sends them to the
proxy server as such. Naturally it doesn't work.

Any ideas what can be done in this situation? I know that Pidgin is
principally a Unix/Linux application and name/password proxy
authentication is a standard on Unixes, but nowhere else. Please
modify your application so that it can traverse "windows-type" proxy
servers as well. TIA


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