How do I disable automatic mouse pointer move when account is disconnected?

Bertil Askelid Bertil at
Tue Jan 29 11:36:36 EST 2008


   I'm working with multiple virtual desktops using fvwm2 on
   Linux running Xorg.

   Whenever a Pidgin account is disconnected, due to
   communication failure, my desktop is automatically changed to
   the desktop where I have my Pidgin buddy list running and the
   mouse pointer is automatically moved to the Pidgin window.

   I see the point in this to alert me that something fails for
   one of my Pidgin accounts.  On the other hand, it is very
   annoying when I'm in the middle of working with other
   matters.  Besides, Pidgin will automatically attempt to
   reconnect, so I really don't want to be alerted, at least not
   in this intrusive manner.

   How do I switch off this alerting feature with switching
   desktop and moving mouse pointer?

      With Kindest Regards

         Bertil Askelid

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