Dead keys in Pidgin

Max Vijgen maxvijgen at
Sun Jun 1 09:39:44 EDT 2008


Ever since I downloaded and ran pidgin I have had this problem with so
called 'dead keys.' I have a US international keyboard, and with every
single program I use I have no problem with dead keys except for pidgin. I
usually chat in English so I will want to use words like it's, won't, isn't
etc. quite often. Usually for a word like "it's" I just press the following
keys: I - T - ' - S and the word will appear. However in Pidgin I have to
press I - T - ' - space - S instead. The same goes for using emoticons like
^^ or ^_^. Usually ^^ is just that, typing the ^ key twice. In pidging I
have to press ^ - space - ^ - space for it to appear properly.

I have browsed the web for this problem and found that there have been
plenty of people noticing the problem excists, but have not found an actual
solution at all. Is there (or will there ever be) a patch or another way to
solve this problem?


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