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Ethan Blanton elb at
Sun Jun 1 10:22:21 EDT 2008

Max Vijgen spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Ever since I downloaded and ran pidgin I have had this problem with so
> called 'dead keys.' I have a US international keyboard, and with every
> single program I use I have no problem with dead keys except for pidgin. I
> usually chat in English so I will want to use words like it's, won't, isn't
> etc. quite often. Usually for a word like "it's" I just press the following
> keys: I - T - ' - S and the word will appear. However in Pidgin I have to
> press I - T - ' - space - S instead. The same goes for using emoticons like
> ^^ or ^_^. Usually ^^ is just that, typing the ^ key twice. In pidging I
> have to press ^ - space - ^ - space for it to appear properly.

What platform are you using?  I'm guessing you're on Windows, in a
non-English locale, using Pidgin in English?

Pidgin (more correctly, Gtk+) follows your system locale for input; if
your system locale dictates that there are deadkeys on your keyboard,
then there will be deadkeys on your keyboard.  The problem on Windows
is that Gtk+ and the regular Windows keyboard handling routines don't
always agree.

If you right-click any text input box in Pidgin, you should get a menu
including, among other things, "Input Methods"; if one of the entries
in that menu is "Simple", try selecting that.  I don't know how to
make that stick on Windows; on Unix you simply put
GTK_IM_MODULE=<whatever> in your environment.

One of the Windows folks might be able to give you more specific
advice.  You could always upgrade to a real platform, to solve the
problem.  ;-)


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