[Question #37150]: Annoying Popup Information on mouse-overs

Pontiac question37150 at answers.launchpad.net
Mon Jun 23 20:06:57 EDT 2008

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Pontiac posted a new comment:
The pidgin tool tip appeared way too fast by default, and takes up WAY
too much real estate on the screen.  Any of the popups I've seen within
ubuntu can be made to be non-existant, or are non-memberable,
appropriately sized, located outside of what I want to look at, or timed
by default to a period of longer than a half-a-second of no mouse
activity prior to the tool tip appearing.

I use Pidgin both at work and at home.  I have close to 60 contacts
organized in groups.  When I go to read, top to bottom, I typically move
the mouse to where I want to start reading (Top to bottom) then read
down, the popup appears, then I have to move off the window to continue
reading.  Its a distraction.  The same thing happens when I go to select
someone I need to talk to.  I move the mouse to where I need to go, I
expand the group I want, but because I can't move the mouse accurately
enough to click the expand button then move the mouse to the user I need
to talk to who's IN that group, I again have to move off the window,
then back on.  And if I miss the user I need to talk to, stop the mouse
for that critical 0.5 second wait, I again, have to move off Pidgin and
try again.

I understand Windows is buggy, and I know how much of a PITA it is to
write software that works on different platforms.  Don't get me wrong in
the least.  But a compiler directive at build time to decide if the UI
option is available at runtime isn't that difficult to do.

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