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Abhejit Rajagopal question34237 at answers.launchpad.net
Thu Jun 26 10:56:30 EDT 2008

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Hello John,

I don't think it's a problem with Pidgin or Meebo. I think perhaps you
have some ports blocked/disabled in Ubuntu itself. Meebo works in a
browser, but still uses the same AIM protocol to access the AIM server
just as Pidgin does. So I think you may want to try and find out which
ports are available/blocked in your Ubuntu partition/installation and
which ones are not.

I remember seeing a thread about this guy, yinglcs2, on the Ubuntu
forums. He was trying to write a script so you can check which ports are
available locally. So you might want to try and PM him. I've got to run
now, but I'll look into a solution when I get back tonight/tomorrow.

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