libpurple unbundled?

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Fri May 2 20:14:40 EDT 2008

Jonathan Pickard wrote:
> Hello all,
> I understand that libg**m was once distributed unbundled from the
> frontends.  Might you consider reinstating an unbundled libpurple-only
> release as source or optionally binary?  If this were still so, those of
> us with strong feelings about recent UI decisions would have simply
> upgraded libpurple; personality conflicts wouldn't reach forking point,
> such as it is; and the devs could perform UI experiments to their
> hearts' content without upsetting unwilling participants.

Libpurple was never (even under its former name) officially distributed
separately from Pidgin.  There was a patch that floated around for a while prior
to our version 2.0.0beta4, but as I recall it was never officially sanctioned,
and we as a project never distributed it.

That said, you can update libpurple separately from Pidgin already.  We provide
packages for several RPM-based distributions, and these packages include
separate packages for libpurple, Finch, and Pidgin.  There are also separate
packages for some prpls which have external dependencies specific to themselves.
 For those distributions for which we don't provide packages, you can use the
source tarball to build and install your own libpurple.


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