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Etan Reisner wrote:
> On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 01:20:56PM -0700, kathryn powell wrote:
>> I don't have a clue what you're talking about by
>> replying to the list.

At this point it became evident to Me that Kathryn is completely unaware
that simply clicking 'Reply' does not address the response to the
Support List but rather to the 'From:' field address. :(

I take the term 'Avatar' to mean what Pidgin refers to as the 'Buddy
Icon' displayed in the Buddy List of recipients.  I haven't used the
Yahoo Messenger Client since converting to Pidgin from Psi.

In the Yahoo Messenger Client [Client = Program] One may use either a
Yahoo provided Avatar or an image available on Your own HD. [HD = Hard
Drive]  I like Pidgin because unlike Psi it doesn't rely upon Transport
Agents to access other Messenger Programs /but/ it also _doesn't_ have
access to their Avatar Library.  Pidgin will only display a chosen image
selected from One's own HD library.

My suggestion to Kathryn would be to Open Yahoo Messenger and when the
Avatar She desires is visible Right Click on it and choose 'Save Image
As' from the Context Menu.  Once the Avatar/Image is on Her HD and _not_
just on the Yahoo Server then She may store it anywhere on Her System
and use the 'Modify Account' feature to 'Use this Buddy Icon' feature to
browse to wherever She has chosen to store it.

Pidgin is so feature rich that it is not the easiest IM/Chat Client for
the neophyte to pick up [Install] and use straight out of the box.  I
can appreciate Kathryn's exasperation and admire You, Etan, for Your
willingness to assist Her.  Being an Application Developer I can also
appreciate how confusing 'unconscious competence' can sometimes appear
to the truly lost.

Here is My heartfelt suggestion to Kathryn; Open any IM Program with
which You feel most comfortable and add Me as a Contact/Buddy using
jmoore3rd at yahoo.com and I shall do My dead level best to guide You
through the intricacies of configuring Pidgin to Your liking.

Pidgin is a most excellent IM Client but I fear that Kathryn & Etan may
have hit an impasse and I am more than willing to assume tutoring duties.

This offer, of course, assumes that Kathryn is still reading this List. :-\

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