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Mitch uesjd at
Sun May 18 09:06:10 EDT 2008

>gail hinton wrote:
>> Howdy,
>> I have disconnected my firewall and still can not log
>> on.
>> When trying to log on the message is:
>> Could not connect to authentication server:
>> connection time out...

>My 1st 'diagnostic' Question would be:  Do You have the Advanced Tab set
>to 'Global Proxy Settings'? [for each Account]
>If one of Your IM Services is GTalk, have You made sure to configure SSL
>[using "force Old " & plaintext login] along with the Server
>Beyond that, without having a clue which IM Services You are failing
>with, I cannot begin to assist.  To begin to outline configuration
>options for every imaginable IM Service would require too much bandwidth
>& is best left for the night I devote to the Pidgin Wiki. :-\
>Please Reply with more details regarding IM Services & current
>configuration Settings.

I am having the same problem connecting to any IM service.

Gtalk error message: SSL connection failed

AIM error message: could not connect to authentication server: Connection refused

Yahoo error message: could not establish a connection with the server: Connection refused

MSN error message: Connection error from Notification server: Unable to connect

All account settings on "Advanced" tab are at the default settings.

Tried Trillian -- it works fine on Yahoo and AIM and MSN (doesn't support GTalk)

Turned off firewall; didn't make a difference.

Also checked firewall log -- it doesn't block anything when Pidgin starts up when it or tries to reconnect.
Tried reinstalling Pidgin; didn't help.
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