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Mitch wrote:

> Gtalk error message: SSL connection failed

Make sure that You have checked SSL, Force 'Old SSL' and allow plaintext
login.  Also, Port should be 5223

> AIM error message: could not connect to authentication server: Connection refused

I don't use AIM

> Yahoo error message: could not establish a connection with the server: Connection refused

Do Not use SSL.  Yahoo isn't set-up for this so it has has no way to
allow it.  Make sure You haven't checked the box to "Use Japan" unless
You are located in Japan. :-D  If You are located in Japan then get back
to Me and I'll provide the entries for the various boxes.
> MSN error message: Connection error from Notification server: Unable to connect

See Yahoo above.  Check 'HTTP Server' & make sure the box indicates  Also check to see if the Port = 1863

The 'Server' should show:

NOTE: all of the above assumes You are connecting using Your Hotmail
address as Your MSN Passport ID.

Usually, for Proxy Settings I leave Pidgin set to "Use Global Proxy
Settings" on all Services and haven't experienced an issue.
> All account settings on "Advanced" tab are at the default settings.

Are You behind a Proxy of some kind?  Are the outbound settings in
Pidgin the same as they are in Your Trillian installation?  Ports, etc.?

> Turned off firewall; didn't make a difference.

I've never had a Firewall issue with Pidgin other than granting it
permission to access the Internet and allowing Pidgin to 'Act as a Server'.


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