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Mitch uesjd at
Sun May 18 15:49:09 EDT 2008

>> Gtalk error message: SSL connection failed

>Make sure that You have checked SSL, Force 'Old SSL' and allow plaintext
>login.  Also, Port should be 5223

The first two were already set that way. The Port was 5222, so I changed it to 5223 but it hasn't helped.

>> Yahoo error message: could not establish a connection with the server: Connection refused

>Do Not use SSL.  Yahoo isn't set-up for this so it has has no way to
>allow it.  Make sure You haven't checked the box to "Use Japan" unless
>You are located in Japan. :-D  If You are located in Japan then get back
>to Me and I'll provide the entries for the various boxes.

Yahoo Japan is NOT checked.  There is no option to use (or not use) SSL.  

>> MSN error message: Connection error from Notification server: Unable to connect

>See Yahoo above.  Check 'HTTP Server' & make sure the box indicates
>  Also check to see if the Port = 1863
>The 'Server' should show:

HTTP Server Method was not checked. It is now, but it hasn't helped.

>NOTE: all of the above assumes You are connecting using Your Hotmail
>address as Your MSN Passport ID.


>Usually, for Proxy Settings I leave Pidgin set to "Use Global Proxy
>Settings" on all Services and haven't experienced an issue.

That's how I have it set.
>Are You behind a Proxy of some kind?  Are the outbound settings in
>Pidgin the same as they are in Your Trillian installation?  Ports, etc.?

Same settings in both. I never had a problem with Pidgin until last night, so the settings in Pidgin were the defaults that had always worked before, and the Trillian settings are also the defaults, which have always worked. 
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