problems connecting to a xmpp server

Phil Hannent phil at
Tue May 20 09:06:57 EDT 2008

J. Manuel Velasco - UBILIBET wrote:
> Hello,

> Resource: I don't what to type so I type Pandion that is the resource I 
> see for the other users connected
The resource is an extra description.  I use it for my location so I have 
phil at and phil at

> In advanced section:
> I set the option Requires SSL/TLS
> Conection port: 5223
> Conecting to the server:
> I leave proxys for file transfers in blank and the type of proxy is No 
> proxy.
> Log file is attached.
 From the log file you are sending xml but getting what looks like an SSL 
handshake back (someone more in the know would be able to tell).

What is the Debugging Information from the "Help" -> "About" screen?

Can you connect if you turn off the Require SSL/TLS?

Phil Hannent

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