Pidgin w/ GTalk - No invite notifications

David Coulson david at
Tue May 20 09:54:12 EDT 2008


I'm using Pidgin with Google Talk (XMPP/Jabber). On the most part, it 
seems to work fine, however when someone adds me, I never get a request 
to 'approve' their addition - If I log into to gmail, then I can accept 
it and it'll continue to work fine through Pidgin. Likewise, when I add 
someone to my buddy list in Pidgin, they never seem to get an 
invite/request to approve my addition. If I add someone through gmail 
(or the Google Talk app), it seems to work okay, then I can kill it and 
connect using Pidgin instead.

There is probably something obvious that I'm missing in the way this is 
supposed to work, but I can't figure it out. Currently running 2.4.2.


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