Pidgin Won't Come Back from Idle (Windows)

Blenderhead tech3686 at
Sun May 25 12:37:00 EDT 2008

I did a quick search of the boards, didn't find anything like this.  If this
issue has already been dealt with, please indulge me with a link and I'll
send you on your way with my thanks.

I'm running Pidgin 2.4.2 on Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2.  A few days
ago, I noticed that Pidgin never comes back from idle.  If I restart Pidgin,
it lists me as non-idle until the keyboard/mouse have sat for 20 minutes,
then it puts me to Idle, as it should.  However, after that has happened,
restarting Pidgin is the only way to come back from idle.

Right now my preferences tab for Status/Idle reads as follows:

Report Idle Time:  Based on keyboard or mouse use

Auto Reply: When both away and idle

(X) Change Status when idle
Minutes before becoming idle: 20
(and the rest is irrelevant)

I'm someone who leaves his Instant Messenger on all day, so people use my
idle status to know if I'm actually at the computer; simply turning off the
ability to go idle hasn't worked for me (my girl yelled at me because she
thought I was at the computer and ignoring her IMs, since I wasn't idle).  I
suspect that I may have misclicked on some "hand configure idle" feature,
but I've been searching the client, then the help page, and now this forum
for almost a week and haven't found a way to get normal idle reporting back.
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