CTCP sound events under Linux Pidgin

Conal Mullan ffxxrr at googlemail.com
Sun May 25 15:33:30 EDT 2008


I have the audio working on Pidgin Linux for default sounds, [using
the aplay -q %s command in sound preferences]

but when receiving a command like for example 'Received CTCP 'SOUND
snd/Cymbal.au' (to #proi) from cisco'

i dont get the sound, can anyone tell me why this is? Do i need to
have that Cymbal.au file saved locally somewhere? and if so where?

thanks for the great software and any help offered.

[ps. i also trawled through the mailing list archives, but dont see
this issue addressed there either]
Conal [ ffxxrr at googlemail.com ]

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