Mark markbrauer at
Sat Sep 13 20:43:21 EDT 2008

Hello!  I've been using Pidgin for a few weeks now.  I'm really liking it!
 Everybody uses different messengers and I used to run several of them.  It
just became a pain and ate up resources on some of my older systems.  So I
just stopped using them all together except for Gtalk (to check e-mail) and
MySpace messenger to chat with friends.  Now I've resubscribed to AIM, MSN,
Yahoo and even made an ICQ account.  Thanks much for such a great program
and keeping me in touch with friends and family!

My question is:  Will webcam ever be a part of any future versions of
Pidgin.  Currently in my task bar is Pidgin and Skype.  Pidgin handles all
the IM's, but I use Skype for the webcam feature (so my Mom can see her
Grandson).  I was just wondering, and hoping, if Pidgin will ever use the
webcam feature from some of the IM's or maybe even incorporate Skype down
the road.  Thanks much for you time and thank you again for such an awesome

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