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Mark wrote:

> Skype down the road.  Thanks much for you time and thank you again for
> such an awesome program!
There is a 'Skype for Pidgin' Plug-In that incorporates Skype Messenger
into Pidgin.  No Webcam functionality but You can see Your Contacts &
their Status in Pidgin using the Plug-In as well as IM over the Skype
Network.  FWIW, Pidgin also supports MySpace Chat and so there is no
real need to have a separate Application Open for this either.

I'd wager that Webcam incorporation is probably the most common Feature
Request submitted to Pidgin Developers.  <SIGH>  My understanding from
literally hundreds of Posts here and from perusing the Pidgin code is
that this function will be quite some time in the future, if ever.  The
various IM/Chat Services all use varying implementations of Video Chat
protocols.  There is no 'easy' way to implement this feature but I am
certain that the Developers would welcome any time & assistance You
might provide in the form of Patch submissions, etc.  I am not trying to
come across as a smart alec but; again, this is not a simple thing to
incorporate.  :-\

What I do is maintain installations of the different IM Applications and
when the need to Video Chat presents I disable the corresponding
Service/Account within Pidgin and Open the specific Service independent
of Pidgin for the duration of the Video session.  Once the video session
has terminated I close the Application & re-enable the Account in Pidgin.


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