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I'm sending this back to the support list in hopes someone there can be of more

jordan wrote:
> well im on linux, i do have a router, my computer is plugged into it and
> not another computer it does have NAT, im useing pidgin 2.4.1 i am just
> useing the aim protocol
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> jordan wrote:
>> everytime i try to send a file (pictures) it fails and says the other
>> person cancelled it
> We're going to need a lot more information than what you provided. 
> Start with
> what protocol you're using; if you're behind a NAT device such as a
> router or a
> computer with "internet connection sharing" enabled; what version of Pidgin
> you're using; if you're using Pidgin on Windows, Linux, or some other
> OS; and if
> you know, what client the other person is using.
> John

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