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Thu Sep 4 04:31:45 EDT 2008

John Bailey wrote:
> I'm sending this back to the support list in hopes someone there can be of more
> help.
> jordan wrote:
>> well im on linux, i do have a router, my computer is plugged into it and
>> not another computer it does have NAT, im useing pidgin 2.4.1 i am just
>> useing the aim protocol a ticket already exists for your issue.

AIM requires ports 5190 through to 5200 to be open for inbound and outbound 
communication.  You will need to alter your routers settings.

Phil Hannent

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>> jordan wrote:
>>> everytime i try to send a file (pictures) it fails and says the other
>>> person cancelled it
>> We're going to need a lot more information than what you provided. 
>> Start with
>> what protocol you're using; if you're behind a NAT device such as a
>> router or a
>> computer with "internet connection sharing" enabled; what version of Pidgin
>> you're using; if you're using Pidgin on Windows, Linux, or some other
>> OS; and if
>> you know, what client the other person is using.
>> John
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