Memory leaks in win pidgin 2.5.1?

dave1g dave1g at
Tue Sep 9 02:44:36 EDT 2008

I ran a free trial of a program i found online called Memory Validator on
Debug version of windows pidgin 2.5.1. [ ]

It claimed to have found quite a few memory leaks. Unfortunately as is the
case with most (all?) windows debugging type applications. It required a PDB
file that MS VC++ produces in order to see the symbols even with the debug
version of pidgin. And so the stack traces it gave were just a bunch of
memory addresses but they were scattered around in various pidgin dlls. 
After much searching there appears to be no way to convert form the symbols
that GDB produces in the exe to a PDB file. Even saw some post by datallah
involved in a related discussion.

Would it be possible to maybe link in the dmalloc library [ ] for the debug version of pidgin? (even better to
actually #include<dmalloc.h> I think it would be more successful in
identifying human readable traces for where memory has been leaked if that
is in fact the case. The symbols must be there since the RPT files have
fully readable stack traces.

DMalloc is licensed creative commons attribution share alike, sounds GPLish
but not sure. There is atleast 1 gpled program that uses it, busybox.

Just an idea, thanks
David Grohmann

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