Memory leaks in win pidgin 2.5.1?

dave1g dave1g at
Tue Sep 9 03:28:09 EDT 2008

found this GPLed sf project  winleak - it was able to read pidgins symbols.

attached is the output of running pidgin for a few minutes...doing almost
nothing so its a bit surprising it was limited to keeping track of 50

dave1g wrote:
> I ran a free trial of a program i found online called Memory Validator on
> Debug version of windows pidgin 2.5.1. [
> ]
> It claimed to have found quite a few memory leaks. Unfortunately as is the
> case with most (all?) windows debugging type applications. It required a
> PDB file that MS VC++ produces in order to see the symbols even with the
> debug version of pidgin. And so the stack traces it gave were just a bunch
> of memory addresses but they were scattered around in various pidgin dlls. 
> After much searching there appears to be no way to convert form the
> symbols that GDB produces in the exe to a PDB file. Even saw some post by
> datallah involved in a related discussion.
> Would it be possible to maybe link in the dmalloc library [
> ] for the debug version of pidgin? (even better to
> actually #include<dmalloc.h> I think it would be more successful in
> identifying human readable traces for where memory has been leaked if that
> is in fact the case. The symbols must be there since the RPT files have
> fully readable stack traces.
> DMalloc is licensed creative commons attribution share alike, sounds
> GPLish but not sure. There is atleast 1 gpled program that uses it,
> busybox.
> Just an idea, thanks
> David Grohmann

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