Memory leaks in win pidgin 2.5.1?

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Tue Sep 16 23:08:39 EDT 2008

the major problem is the use of mutliple heaps in windows. winleak 
doesnt handle it properly yet. im working on adding that ability, and 
the ability to run a process from start to finish under the leak 
detection. Ive already added in detection of when a non standard heap 
was used and sorting the output by worst offending stack


Daniel Atallah wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 4:02 PM,  <dave1g at> wrote:
>> attached are various runs with winleak. Using
>> G_DEBUG=gc-friendly
>> and
>> G_SLICE=always-malloc
>> On windows I set them in the my computer properties ->advanced tab ->
>> environment variables -> user variables.
>> printing them our in my pidgin run script produced this so i think the
>> variables are set correctly.
>> -------------------------------------------------
>> Pidgin Debug Log For Wed 09/10/2008 16:04:23.20
>> Value of G_DEBUG = gc-friendly
>> Value of G_SLICE = always-malloc
>> -------------------------------------------------
>> produces with this batch script code.
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>> REM write a nice header
>> ECHO ------------------------------------------------- > %logfile%
>> ECHO Pidgin Debug Log For %odt% >> %logfile%
>> ECHO Value of G_DEBUG = %G_DEBUG% >> %logfile%
>> ECHO Value of G_SLICE = %G_SLICE% >> %logfile%
>> ECHO ------------------------------------------------- >> %logfile%
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> The only issue is these aren't beginning to end leaks. they are unfreed
>> memory as of the point I stopped collecting data. To make this as accurate
>> as possible. I closed all windows, and minimized the buddy list before
>> writing out the leak details.
>> I did things such as: sending/receiving ims, checking status messages,
>> clicking buttons, +/- buddylist expanders, aim direct connect, aim file
>> transfer, checking aim profiles, and using the log reader to brows logs and
>> search them for keywords
>> I was mostly testing with my brother. searching for the screen names "ace3g"
>> or "dave1g" ( there can be quite a few matches) will probably be the more
>> likely true leaks of strings. If any truly exist at all.
> I took a look at the first few files and wasn't able to find anything
> that looked like a legitimate leak.
> The fact that these are snapshots and not real de-facto leaks means
> that there are just too many falks positives to be able to get useful
> results.
> I look forward to some better results based on working with the
> winleak developers to improve accuracy.
> -D
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