Pigin: blocking, typing messages, and controlling fonts from friends

Steve tinker123 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 14:56:13 EDT 2008


First, I've really by enjoying pidgin.  I'm using the latest pigeon
client on the latest Ubuntu installation.

I have 3 miscellaneous questions.  I did not see these issues answered
in the FAQ.  If these things are covered in a doc some place please
point me there.

First question

Is there anyway I can control the fonts that I see when someone sends
me a message?
Some people send me messages where the font is too small or irritating.

Second question.

A friend of mine told me that while I am typing messages she sees
funny messages telling her that I am typing.   Where
I can find what these messages are and how can I change them?

Third question.  What happens when you "block" someone?

Does that person simply not see you in their list as if you aren't
logged on?   Do they see you in the list but get a message that you
don't want to talk to them?

Thanks in advance for the info, thanks for the great IM client!

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