Pigin: blocking, typing messages, and controlling fonts from friends

Evan Platt evan at espphotography.com
Wed Sep 17 15:01:43 EDT 2008

Steve wrote:
> Hi;
> First, I've really by enjoying pidgin.  I'm using the latest pigeon
> client on the latest Ubuntu installation.
> I have 3 miscellaneous questions.  I did not see these issues answered
> in the FAQ.  If these things are covered in a doc some place please
> point me there.
> First question
> Is there anyway I can control the fonts that I see when someone sends
> me a message?
> Some people send me messages where the font is too small or irritating.
Tools, Preferences, Conversation, uncheck show formatting on incoming 

> Second question.
> A friend of mine told me that while I am typing messages she sees
> funny messages telling her that I am typing.   Where
> I can find what these messages are and how can I change them?
Same screen, uncheck Notify buddies that you are typing to them.
> Third question.  What happens when you "block" someone?
> Does that person simply not see you in their list as if you aren't
> logged on?   Do they see you in the list but get a message that you
> don't want to talk to them?
For most clients, you don't show as online.

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