Any plugins to block spam/messages based on rules?

CMiYC byerly0503 at
Thu Sep 25 18:12:36 EDT 2008

I'm looking for a way to block messages (spam) based on certain rules.  For
example the two most common are: 

1.  URL from someone not on my contact list, or
2.  My screen name is used in the first message.

I just tried "Bot Sentry" which looked promising.  However, MSN gives a
switchboard error, which still causes a pop-up.

Are there any plugins that would let me define rules such as #1 and #2, and
allow me to block those messages?

Please note that using my privacy settings is not an ideal solution for me. 
Often users/customers contact me for support on my software over IM, and I
would like to continue to encourage that behavior.
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