How to know who has pinged me

parasou ramane parasou79 at
Fri Sep 26 06:32:12 EDT 2008

Hi Experts, 

I appreciate this project. I was using pidgin/gaim for the past one year. 

I have a query to raise to you - 

I wish to explain you a scenario for which I would like to know whether the functionality is already available or any patch will be done in the future release for that. 

I have opened pidgin chat window for 10 persons in a single window (all tabs in the same chat-window). (Ref: screen1.jpg)  and then it is minimized to taskbar in Windows XP. 

So, now, if any of those 10 persons ping me, the chat-window will be highlighted but not supposedly display the specific person who is pinging me at that moment. 

Here my requirement: Is there a facility to make this minimized chat-window to show the particular person who is pinging me along with the task-bar highlight

Thanks for your efforts and time. Would you require any clarifications, please revert back. 


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