John Bailey rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo.org
Sun Apr 12 23:14:46 EDT 2009

Emmery Chrisco wrote:
> I really like Pigin because it is customizable (execept skins) and it
> supports MySpace.
> I am having a problem with sorting the buddy list. When I get it the
> way I want it, it doesn't stay that way when I turn it back on. For
> example, I sorted "IM Friends" into the "Family" and "Buddies" groups,
> and deleted "IM Friends". Next time it comes on (like after a reboot),
> they are all back where they started. Also, contacts that were merged
> are no longer merged. The "IM Friends" group and others that were
> deleted are back.

From the group name "IM Friends", I'm gathering that this is a MySpace account.
 There have been a number of issues with grouping with the MySpace plugin; I
believe all the ones we knew about have been fixed.  If you can reproduce this
bug reliably, try opening a ticket at http://developer.pidgin.im/newticket/ with
debug logs captured both during rearranging the buddy list and during a new sign-on.

> I would really like to be able to apply skins or themes to Pigin to
> give it the LCARS look to match the rest of my system.

It sounds like you want to install and apply a GTK+ theme.  While Pidgin 2.6.0
will have some theme support, it won't support the kind of theming you're after.


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