Issues with Log Reader

Christophe Démaret christophe.demaret at
Mon Apr 13 13:14:32 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I have issues with the Log Reader to use my MSN logs.
Basically they are ignored, even though I have enabled the plug-in and 
given the path.
I'm just unsure about one thing: my XML files are located in 
"C:\Users\Christophe\Documents\Mes fichiers 
reçus\piksou2884853564\Historique" (French Vista), I'm not sure whether 
this folder should be given of the parent/grand-parent. I tried both 
unsuccessfully, I even tried to copy the files into a subfolder of 
Pidgin (in case it would be an iso/Unicode issue with the "ç") but still 
failed to have this history displayed, only the one I have generated on 
Pidgin itself.
Does anyone has an idea or should I open a ticket ?

Thanks and happy Easter,


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