the issue about how to regiser msn client to Openfire server's msn gateway directly

alex lau poweryounger at
Mon Apr 13 23:31:23 EDT 2009

Dear sir,
      We met a problem when using pidgin with opnfire.
     And I checked the FAQ,I did not find how to deal with it yet.
    The problem is that we can register the msn client from pidgin to
Openfire server directly.When we use spark or psi client,we can register it
to Openfire.(of course,we setup the msn gateway on openfire and enable the
function to the clients).
     The pidgin provides the function by which we can connect to the msn
server directly,but this is not our point.So would you like to introduce me
how to do that?
   Thanks very much!

 Alex Lau
April 14,2009
MSN:liuxz2008 at <MSN%3Aliuxz2008 at>
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